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LUZIA - Keep moving


Cirque du Soleil reached out with a video brief to announce the return run of their show Luzia, at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2022. The brief was also envisioned as a testament to the struggles and resilience of artists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with the forced closures of theatres and performing companies across the world.

At RDContent, I was tasked with leading a creative response. Focusing on a character-led story - following Shelli Epstein, a lead Luzia performer and mesmerising Russian Swing artist - I aligned with the client's vision for dream-like aesthetics with Luzia-specific motifs of a butterfly, and a tightly scripted voiceover-led treatment for the film. Over the course of two days, we covered Shelli's rehearsal routine, recreations of her lockdown experience, and a triumphant return to the stage.

The clients were overwhelmingly encouraged by the resulting film, which went on to play a central role in the show's marketing campaign and Cirque's return to live performances across the world.


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Souvid Datta
Anisha Sehmi
Helen Everett
Carter Hewlett
Rob Hayward
Michael Dawson
Kerem Aksoy
Marcus Thistleton
Ben Rahman
Kerr Nimo