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Souvid Datta is an emerging writer/director, self-shooting PD, photographer and multimedia creative. This site is his portfolio space.

Born in Mumbai, 1990, Souvid grew up between India and the UK. After completing a degree at UCL (2014) in International Relations, Conflict Studies and Law he went on to freelance as a multimedia journalist and filmmaker for several years.

He has worked for clients including The Guardian, The New York Times, National Geographic, Save the Children, Vice, TIME and many more, travelling to over 50 countries covering issues of migration, conflict, the environment and women's rights. His documentary work specialises in character-led, intimate stories that investigate under-reported contemporary issues.

Since 2015, his practice has widened to incorporate narrative elements - developing original TV series, branded content and award-winning, cinematic shorts.

Today, as the Creative Director at SDFilms he works for a range of clients spanning the documentary, commercial, entertainment and music industries.

Whether through cinema, interactive exhibitions, music videos or multimedia investigations, Souvid aims to continue making meaningful visual stories that empower subjects, inform viewers and provoke constructive action.
Photography Folio
A small curation of visuals produced on assignment and during personal projects since 2015
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Souvid Datta
Souvid Datta's photographic works have appeared in The Guardian, National Geographic, BBC, The New York Times and TIME, winning recognitions and exhibitions internationally including at Photoville, NY, FORMAT Festival, UK, Somerset House, London, The Houses of Parliament, London.

For the past six years, I've completed commissioned and personal photographic projects visualising editorial features, commercial briefs, humanitarian activism and investigative stories.

Much of this has came out of my background in photojournalism working around the world - from China to Afghanistan, Iraq to Guatemala, India to Europe. Illustrating subjects with respect, empathy and a collaborative approach has become an essential starting point. I've found myself most interested in covering the everyday struggles and aspirations of those quietly challenging the unjust unorthodoxies of their communities. Inspiring stories of resilience and self-empowerment, enterprise and hope - often found in the most unexpected of environments.

With the rise of Instagram and social networks, visual literacy and the appetite for visual content around the world is growing - hand in hand with awareness about its consequences. When approached responsibly and strategically, there's never been a more effective time to communicate emotions and messages through photography. And within the documentary realm, this has made me acutely aware of why an image is made, how, by whom and what effect can it have both immediately and as a contribution to history. My process, as a result, has slowed down.

Feeling and method have become more important than pure aesthetics and originality.

Moving forward I aim to contribute to photography unbound by genre expectations, traditional ways of seeing the world and age-old notions of what constitutes a worthy visual. I'm learning and relearning this everyday. My hope remains that the simple act of lifting a camera and purposefully clicking the shutter continues to be a catalyst for exploring, interpreting and championing the untold stories and incredible people all around me.

For a wider look into my archives, please check out my Instagram @souvid

To inquire about work, please drop me a line in the contact section of my home page.