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ERA of Reclamation

British Museum

As part of the British Museum's Era of Reclamation series, the Silent Spaces team was invited to discuss their lockdown film series with the museum directors and curators.

In Silent Spaces, an online video series created during lockdown, a community of artists across the UK reclaim and break the silence of six of the country's most iconic cultural institutions. Each episode follows them into a new venue where they showcase music and dance created in response to themes such as resilience, vulnerability and the future of our climate. In the episode 'Messengers', this diverse group of performers reclaimed the silent galleries of the British Museum. They created music that reinforces the significance of our shared cultural venues and our need to protect them.

In this panel discussion, the curators of the Era of Reclamation series – Bonnie Greer, former Deputy Chair of the British Museum's Board of Trustees, and Hartwig Fischer, Director of the British Museum – curate a discussion about the making of 'Messengers' in conversation with Silent Spaces lead artist Soumik Datta, series director Souvid Datta, producer Melanie Cura Duball and dancer Monique Jonas to explore the inspirations behind the project.





Bonnie Greer
Hartwig Fischer
Melanie Cura Daball
Monique Jonas
Soumik Datta
Souvid Datta
Christina Tubb
Freddie Matthews