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Jangal - Music Video

Over the past 30 years our world has lost 1.3 million square kilometers of forest - a surface area bigger than the country of South Africa. We have endangered precious wildlife, from the Bengal tiger to the mighty Orangutang; we have displaced and marginalized human communities - some 250 million people who depend on forest and savannah areas for survival and their livelihood; and we have cut down 47% of all existing trees, both adding greenhouse gases to the air and removing our most natural way of absorbing them.

Farming, live cattle, mining, drilling, production of palm oil and soy, timber and rapid urbanization are the drivers. Our greed and ignorance is the cause.  It’s time we become aware of our complicity in the ongoing climate crisis and mass destruction of trees.
It’s time to preserve existing forest ecosystems and restore lost tree cover.
It’s time to #SavetheJangal.

Jangal - the original Urdu word for jungle - is a new five-track EP in protest of deforestation by artist Soumik Datta.

Written, Directed & Filmed by: Souvid Datta
Production Company: SDFilms
Commissioned by: Bucks Music Group
India Producer: Cinewacky Entertainment
Boy: Arkendu Bhattacharya
Friend: Paroj Chowdhury
VFX: Leonard Ngu & Oleksandr Maksym
Associate Producer & Mixing: Jonathan Rogers
Mastering: Streaky
Creative Producer: Subhajit Prasad
Line Producer: Sanglap Barman
1st AD: Arpan Bain
2nd AD: Poulomi Golui
1st Production Asst: Yemi Alade
2nd Production Asst: Anirban Mandal
Production Runner: Saikat Barman
Production Co-ordinator: Jayanti Prasad

With special thanks to LiveTree, Blacks Club, Soho House, Moonwake Studio, Vin Gadher.