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Both commissioned and personal projects that have culminated in exclusive multi-year visual investigations, photo-stories and long-form reports:

lost musicians of india.

Reconnecting with our roots, my brother Soumik and I travelled through some of India’s remotest regions to document fading artists and folk musicians off the nation's beaten trail, documenting the last torch bearers of their craft. Our journey culminated in an exhibition, festival and 6-episode documentary series broadcast on Channel 4, Discovery Channel Asia & BBC Earth.

in the shadow of isis.

In the weeks leading up to Iraq's military offensive on Mosul - the notorious self-proclaimed capital of the Islamic State - this series and short travelogue film explore the toll on everyday lives taken by the war against terrorism in Kurdistan.

grueling guate.

Looking beyond the gore and barbarism found in Guatemala City’s infamous slums, this ongoing project aims to examine the psychological effects on the capital’s youth, of growing up around such the city's notoriously high violence rates, deep social inequality and atmosphere of fear.

kabul dreams.

Challenging notorious perceptions of Kabul based on a three decades of war coverage, this series explores a new face to Afghanistan's capital. One where bombed out buildings stand aside internet cafes. Where more children and girls are attending school than ever before. Against the backdrop of Afghanistan's first and messy democratic transfer of power as well as the Taliban's recent tide of violence, Kabul Dreams explores contemporary trends in youth culture, arts and daily life.

Asia's burning lungs.

India environmental problems are as epic and sweeping as the country' economic ambitions. From Jharia to New Delhi, this investigation aims humanise the impact on individuals and to society of worsening air and water pollution, exposing issues from health related ailments to changes in agrarian and urban livelihoods.

Refugee trails.

A three week journey from the shores of Lesvos, Greece to Calais, France following human stories of refugees risking life and limb to seek safety and a new life in Europe.

Vanishing girls of west bengal.

A five-year investigation into India's child sex trafficking epidemic, exposing the link between child marriage and prostitution, organised crime, corruption, police rescue efforts and NGO rehabilitation.